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Late 19th Century Bajot Low Table from Rajasthan
H: 20cm W: 80cm D: 80cm
Web Item ID: 24963

£250 +VAT

Used low table for sale
| Ref #: a7face9c5f5a
These are the same as the more expensive Clacton chairs we have listed, the only difference being that we have not sanded or waxed them. As you can see these have the original 'reclaimed' church finish i.e. watermarked and a bit scuffed as the spiffed up Clacton chairs and any strengthening that needs to be done will be done.

£35 +VAT

Clacton-on-Sea 'Original' Church Chapel Chairs (E) (SHC)
| Ref #: 12bd7b4d1e12
Traditional Old Oak Pew
Structurally sound supplied with 3 No. Refectory style tables
Traditional leather seat chairs in 3 colours, G

£495 +VAT

Church pew tables and chairs for sale
| Ref #: cb7370e9d678
Rather grand , carved wooden pelmet that’s in good condition and the antiqued gilding in mint condition as well. Not just for windows , think placing over a bed and drapes as a headboard , how aristocratic . Now you can dress up as Barbara Cartland and some bloke in silk pyjamas. Gawd what a thought.

£50 +VAT

Gilded wooden pelmet
| Ref #: ece4f71719b7
HFA Removals
The granite is a mixture of browns , golds and greys . The 3 drawers are smooth opening and in very good condition. As to placement not sure if I’d put them in the hallway , bedroom or as a pastry table in the kitchen . Thus perfect in a bedsit I guess cook , keys and clothes.

£120 +VAT

Drawer wood unit
| Ref #: c26ff6339562

3m Church Pew / Settle - Lancaster, Lancashire

Price: £120 ono including VAT
3m Church Pew
3m long old church pew.
3m length, 1.2m height, 5m width Old church pew.
Currently used in a pub taken a few knocks but a great feature in any pub.

£120 ono including VAT

3m Church Pew
| Ref #: 32b1da290406
A dynamic piece of furniture with bi-fold doors, four cupboards at the base, internal French pleating on the doors and all topped off with urns and finials. Feel like I should ask if you want sprinkles and a flake. This really is a large sized piece of furniture that’s going to look dynamic in place.

£375 +VAT

Display cabinet for sale
| Ref #: b0b3cf93b7e3
Why do brass tables always depict rams or dolphins etc why not a worm, I digress. Solid brass tables with 2 level glass plains. Legs, the ram detail with rings, handy for hankies or not. Solid as and very heavy. Going to look suitable somewhere between sofas etc.

£595 +VAT

Brass rams head table
| Ref #: 87ce1726e58b
Classic black and gold chinoiserie occasional tables with great detailing and unusual bases with curved struts , finial etc . Easily mixes into traditional or contemporary interiors . Hand-painted detailing in the naïve style , locations rather more exotic than the Lowry landscapes of the North.

£120 +VAT

Low antique table for sale
| Ref #: 5a8f697f2763

Sold 20x Antique Church Pews - Aberdeenshire

Price: £50 VAT Free
Used Church benches
Antique Church Pews
Excellent Condition
Complete with brass ironmongery

£50 VAT Free

Used Church benches
| Ref #: e18901c58ca4
12x Cast Base Rustic Top Pub Tables (Code T 1359C)
Comes flat packed for easy assembly

£105 +VAT

Rustic top pub tables for sale
| Ref #: 61b75b9b2b1e
Shabby chic chairs show signs od ware
Grey in colour
460 x 430 x 890mm high approx.
Seat height 470mm
£10 each plus vat

£10 +VAT

Used shabby chic chairs for sale
| Ref #: c02413887326
New Cast Bases with Reclaimed Rustic Tops
700 x 700 x 740mm high approx.
Bases come flat packed for easy assembly and tops just screw on.
PLEASE PLEASE QUOTE the CODE number when replying NOT the ref number

£99 +VAT

Used Rustic table for sale
| Ref #: 0d3c719f6b2c
Walnut coloured wood coffee/side/lamp tables in an Art Deco design
Good used condition
600 diameter and 605 high

£20 +VAT

Walnut coffee bedside table
| Ref #: e408bf4d7c10
This sturdy dining table is perfect for traditional style pubs and restaurants. It can comfortably sit up to four people with ease.

£45 +VAT

Low wooden table for sale
| Ref #: 935db3606509
This sturdy table is perfect for traditional style pubs and restaurant. It features a table top made from solid planks of wood to create a unique piece of dining furniture for your establishment.

£65 +VAT

Lightwood table for sale
| Ref #: f1ff7db9d8ed
These bent wood arm chairs are ideal for pubs and traditional style restaurants.
Price is per chair, to be sold as job lot only.

£15 +VAT

Bent wood dining chair
| Ref #: 53be8589bf6f
4 Lovely bentwood hatstands, lovely for shabby chic style setting, orangey red, white and light blue and black

£55 +VAT

Used hatstand for sale UK
| Ref #: d1825bf0ed5b
Early 1950's elm and beech, honey coloured slatback chairs with an attractive top pediment. Button tops on kidney shaped top piece. Book box on back.
37cm W x 81cm H x 45cm D x 44cm Seat Height
Approx. 150 available

£52 +VAT

Peacehaven Church of the Ascension Chapel / Church Chairs
| Ref #: 835819766e15
Sturdy beech and elm chairs in a pleasant honey colour
Book box on the back
82cm H x 42cm W x 47cm D x 43cm Seat Height
Over 250 available

£53 +VAT

Clacton-on-Sea Classic Church Chapel Chairs (E)
| Ref #: 6f079f190086
Art Deco Stacking Modular Bookcase
H: 115cm W: 55cm D: 41cm
Web Item ID: 20149
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£188 +VAT

Art Deco Stacking Modular Bookcase
| Ref #: 298cb358d02d
Well you can picture this in a villa can’t you. Transported from Portugal , Gawd knows how. The cabinet is heavily carved with gilt fittings and unusually shaped glass door fronts. Ties in with the matching table and 8 heavily carved chairs that are covered in an acid trip fabric of flowers etc. The cabinet can be purchased separately to the table set if desired. So sit down , relax , and lob some coca mallorquina at each other whilst fanning your bodies.

£1250 +VAT

Portuguese Carved Cabinet and Dining Set of 8 Chairs and Table
| Ref #: 27ee6da4066d
Classic cross back church chair with book box on back. Elm & Beech. Lovely rich colour. Some have minor traces of woodworm, but have been treated.
81.5cm H x 41cm W x 45cm d x 45cm Seat Height
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£49 +VAT

Oxford Cross Back Church Chapel Chairs (E)
| Ref #: 24d262b1188a
Strong & Stylish with unique rear shaped beech back leg supports dating from around 1965 these mark the apogee of chapel chair design in Great Britain.
39.5cm W x 79.5cm H x 44cm D
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£55 +VAT

Mid 1960s Contemporary Design Elm 'Dog Leg' Church Chapel Chairs
| Ref #: c75a1166cbd7
Harpenden Larger Sized Slatback Church Chapel Chairs
Strongly built and larger than average these chairs are finished in a pale Georgian green Farrer and Ball style varnish.
41cm W x 82cm H x 47cm D. SH: 45cm
£35 + VAT
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£35 +VAT

Harpenden Larger Sized Slatback Church Chapel Chair
| Ref #: 42aa77a5779b
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