VAT:To be added
Sumptuous in its’ deep feather filled cushioning. These seats are so deep that you’ll just sink into them.

The legs are turned with original brass castors at front. It’s the depth that make these chairs so special, you’ll just want to curl up in them by the fire with a good copy of something at hand.

The colour is a pale blue so neutral enough to fit in with most interiors.

SOFA - Width 200cm - Depth 109cm - Height 82cm
CHAIR - Width 85cm - Depth 109cm - Height 82cm

COST: Sofa £599 + VAT - Chair £350.00 + VAT……BUY AS A SET £750.00 + VAT

CODE - Sofa SHER049 - Chair SHER048

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Velvet feather antique sofa + chair
VAT:To be added
Square and Hexagonal

Approx 30 inches high

From £295 - £395 each

Ref: OE005
Square and Hexagonal Ornate Copper Tops
Height: 1040 mm
Width: 1020 mm
Depth: 430 mm

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1920's Tallboy
With pot cupboard and drawers (back missing)

Height: 820 mm
Width: 1070 mm
Depth: 460 mm

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Victorian Walnut Marble Top Wash Stand
VAT:To be added
Height: 1180 mm
Width: 970 mm
Depth: 430 mm

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1920's Dressing Table
Fully fitted behind mirror door and hanging behind panelled doors

Height - 2040 mm
Width - 1950 mm
Depth - 610 mm

Dressing Table:
Height - 1740 mm
Width - 1550 mm
Depth - 590 mm

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antique wardrobe
A beautiful chesterfield recliner armchair, high quality leather in dark tan brown colour. The owner bought this about 6 years ago with sofa as a suite, been used with care.

The recliner armchair is very comfortable. Used but still in good condition. All buttons intact, no tears/rips, the leather is in very good condition. This is typical of the chesterfield leather of high quality and durability. However, this is a second hand item, there are minor scratches here and there. Minor crazing on the arms. We zoomed and showed all parts of the armchair including any minor defects in the pictures.

Great for stylish living room.

Size: H98 x W93 x D92 cm , seat height 42cm approx.

Lovely Chesterfield Leather Recliner Armchair In Dark Tan Brown
Huge mirrors and BIG saving if purchasing two.These rather splendid pieces are set in a very dark wooden frame with an inner silver beading.Bevelled,wouldn’t expect anything less with these.They are well constructed at the back for secure hanging.

These are going to be an amazing addition to any interior.Imagine a whole wall,behind a reception desk,café,restaurant,gym,dance school etc.Probably wouldn’t advise placing on the ceiling though.With this much reflection make sure you’re tidy and yes everything in the reflection is for sale also.

Dimensions Width 2.31metres Height 1.69metres

Cost……£350.00 + VAT each…….Buy the two of them for £600+VAT

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Large mirror for sale
Price:£2200.00 ono
Lovely old cast iron spiral staircase
18 steps including the balcony step with lovely curved rail
Feature rail all around the balcony step

Height to top step just over 13 feet
Height to top of balcony railing around 16 feet

Colour Black
Used, good condition
Spiral Staircase
Late 19th Century Draper’s Table French

H: 82cm W: 200cm D: 71cm

Web Item ID: 2726

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French dining table / drapers table
10 - Upholstered Settles - Solid Wood Frame with Arms

Very good Clean Condition
Upholstered Settles for sale manchester
Victorian Oak Pedestrian Desk

Age c. 1880

H: 77cm W: 120cm D: 66cm

Web Item ID: 2832

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Victorian Oak Pedestrian Desk
A beautiful captain chair for your office collection, chesterfield style, high quality leather in dark brown colour. The chair frame is solid mahogany, very heavy and sturdy, no shaky bits. The owner bought this chair about 10 years ago and it has been used with care.

It stands firmly on new base with 5 strong spider legs on castors. The leather is still in very good condition, no tears/rips. A stunning, stylish piece of antique rep, office furniture.

Size: H96 x W70 x D70 cm, seat height adjustable 52 cm approx.
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Chesterfield Office Captain Chair
A collector sadly passed away.

All in their own individual cases.

His work shop was full of stock, tools and equipment.

The Jinty and Crab are both 5 Inch Gauge. The Red-Roy is 3.5 Inch

We are open to offers for these units.
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Tractor 5 inch steam engine
This is a beautiful Edwardian antique oak davenport writing desk, English made in the original condition. The owner has it passed down from older generation and has been used with care, in good condition.

The front fall has a moulded edge with red leather writing insert, still in good condition. On the side it has decoration handles, no drawers, large space. It also has beautifully carved antique foliages, turned upright supports. Key and lock are in working order. The piece is solid, heavy, no shaky bits. Lovely light oak colour with striking grains, good patina. Great for stylish living room.

Size: H100 x W54 x D54 cm, writing height 86cm approx.
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Oak Davenport Desk
Truck for sale
Foresters cottage