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These tripod lights have been fabricated from large vintage oil cans, one red and one blue and would look great in a car / motorbike showroom, restaurant, shop window or used for hire, both have been PAT tested.

£1200 VAT Free ono

Lights for sale
| Quantity: 2
430 x 400mm approx.
Some "Candle" holders missing .

£45 +VAT

Chandeliers for sale
| Quantity: 3
Job Lot x 50 Standard Lamps (FSL0201BF)
Lamp Shades not Included

£395 +VAT

Lamps for sale
| Quantity: 50
This impressive bronze gasolier / chandelier c1860 would benefit from being in a large restaurant hotel or large house. It can be wired for electric light a very unique item.

£15000 £12000 including VAT ono

Large antique chandelier
HFA Removals
Bit fancy these. A kind of cross between an urn and something mansion grand. Made up of composite materials. Topped off nicely with a finial. Shown in a bedroom but really ideal in a more drawing room setting etc.

£45 £35 including VAT

Vintage table lamp
| Quantity: 20

£300 VAT Free

Tea lights for table decor
| Quantity: 140
Classic urn / torchere brass wall sconce. Two arm with candle light fitment.
Always popular when thinking of traditional wall lights and often placed either side of a mirror or in alcoves etc.
Nicely detailed with the draped urn and flaming torchere atop. How stately.
Dimensions Length 34.5cm Width 25cm.

£15 +VAT

Classic urn / torchere brass wall sconces.
Square and Hexagonal
Approx 30 inches high
From £295 - £395 each
Ref: OE005

£295 +VAT

Square and Hexagonal Ornate Copper Tops

£1200 including VAT

French Chandelier c.1910